Overweight Trucks

Overweight Trucks
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Trucking companies in Florida have the duty to ensure that shipping weight limits are followed and that the cargo being transported is evenly distributed and properly loaded or secured onto the truck. Overloading a truck can lead to shifting cargo while the truck is moving and result in the tractor-trailer jackknifing or rolling over. Extra weight on a big rig can also increase the chances of brake failures or tire blowouts. At the Law Offices of Cohn & Smith, P.A., Our Pembroke Pines truck accident attorneys have extensive knowledge regarding 18-wheeler load requirements and weight limits. We help determine if an overweight truck caused or contributed to your accident.

What dangers do overweight trucks create?

Trucking companies are known for overloading trucks because they want to make more money faster. Delivering more goods at one time means more compensation to the driver for the trip. Unfortunately, this causes more truck accidents in Pembroke Pines and the surrounding areas, as the drivers must compensate for:

  • Difficulty stopping. A truck that is overweight takes a significant amount of area to fully stop, especially when heading down a hill or mountain. If you happen to be in the truck’s path, it can easily collide with you.
  • Shifting cargo. When a truck’s cargo is loaded or balanced improperly, it can cause the truck to lean and shift in ways the driver is not expecting, resulting in a crash.
  • Additional momentum. The heavier an object is, the more momentum it can pick up. The result is injuries that are devastating, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries.
  • Mechanical failure. An overweight truck places more strain and stress on the mechanical parts of the truck. Brakes can fail, tires can blow out and other essential parts can break down and cause the truck to collide with you.
  • Loss of load. When a truck has been overloaded, the cargo commonly breaks loose and leaves debris all over the roadway. For a vehicle or motorcycle following behind the truck, this can have fatal consequences.

The highest acceptable weight for large trucks is 20,000 pounds per axle. That means a limit of 80,000 pounds total. A trucking company is required to maintain detailed logs regarding each truck’s load. If you are in an 18-wheeler truck accident in Pembroke Pines, you need a competent attorney by your side. An experienced attorney discovers whether the truck that hit you had a load exceeding the allowed weight limit and holds the negligent parties responsible for the truck accident.

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