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Catastrophic Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Providing compassionate legal services during this difficult time

If somebody you love has experienced a catastrophic injury in an accident, an attorney at the Law Offices of Cohn & Smith, P.A. can help you understand your rights. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney Fort Lauderdale can help you understand how a lawsuit may provide you or a loved one who has been injured with the resources necessary to move forward after a life-changing injury.

Florida Catastrophic Injury Attorney ready to answer your questions about serious injuries

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers FloridaThe attorneys at Cohn & Smith represent the victims of serious personal injuries resulting from a variety of circumstances, including workplace injuries, vehicle crashes, slip and fall accidents and public transportation accidents. Our lawyers strive to help you through persuasive negotiations or aggressive litigation. Some of the areas in which we have handled catastrophic injuries include:

  • Birth injury. The happiest day of your life can quickly become a nightmare if your baby is injured during the birthing process. Birth trauma or birth injury relates to damage experienced by an infant during the process of birth. Birth injuries usually occur as a baby goes through the birth canal. Common injuries include head injuries, nerve damage or bone injuries.
  • Spine injury. Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent disability or loss of movement and sensation below the area where the injury occurred, causing temporary or permanent paralysis.
  • Brain injury. Serious brain injuries are devastating. The injuries may have long-term effects on your motor skills, you memory and/or your mobility.  In some cases, the damage is permanent; in others, it is potentially fatal.
  • Workplace accidents. Being hurt does not mean that you are powerless. When a workplace injury occurs, we fight for your rights. Whether your claim involves an insurance company, a construction company, a huge corporation or a governmental agency, we are prepared to help.

Our lawyers work to assist you and your loved ones with moving forward after a catastrophic injury. We want to help you obtain full and fair compensation for medical bills, missed work and pain and suffering, and to get you reimbursed for the costs of future support and rehabilitation.

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